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Individual Therapy

Deciding to seek help and choosing the right therapist are so important. You need to feel like you can really trust the person you share your story with. To help you do this, I’d like to tell you about me and my practice of effective psychotherapy for couples and individuals.


I actively seek to understand your experience, and work collaboratively with you to provide:

  • Help with handling the places where you feel stuck

  • Improvement in your mood and how you feel about yourself

  • Methods to stop having the same argument with your partner over and over

  • Encouragement to change how you handle stressful situations

  • Assistance with feeling more comfortable in your own skin

  • Make the changes you are striving for at work

  • Skills to support relating better to others, especially your partner

  • Ways to resolve old hurts from the past, and move forward

  • Support for reducing or eliminating substance use


If you feel that life has more to offer, or are struggling with an empty feeling inside, I’d like to help. I have successfully helped people improve self-esteem, enhance their relationships, and develop more fulfilling ways of living. My passion is aiding people as they address and overcome obstacles. 

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